March 24, 2017
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Long-Range Planning

Adopted March 2011, the Cheney Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030 was the result of more than two years of public involvement. A major update to the Comp Plan is underway in 2016.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range planning document containing goals and policies, which are intended to be a guide concerning future land use, transportation networks, extensions of community services and facilities, parks and open space, designation of environmentally sensitive areas, and desirable urban design elements for the City.  As the City of Cheney continues to grow and change, the City's Comprehensive Plan is intended to change and reflect the needs and vision of the community. To implement the maps, goals, and policies of the Comprehensive Plan, development regulations are created and used to guide development and actions within the City.

The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires most cities and counties to adopt a Comprehensive Plan, update it on an seven-year cycle, and consider amendments to the Plan on an annual basis.  Included in the GMA are requirements for public participation in the Comprehensive Plan update process. State law requires that the comprehensive plan of each county or city be coordinated with, and consistent with, the comprehensive plans adopted by other counties or cities with which the city has, in part, common borders or related regional issues.  The City of Cheney is also required to be consistent with the SRTC Regional Plan - Horizons 2040, and Spokane County’s Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs).  The CPPs are written policy statements adopted by Spokane County, which establish a common framework from which county and city comprehensive plans are developed and adopted. 


Major 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update

As required by the GMA, the City prepared a major update to the Comprehensive Plan in 2016-17.  The first step in the process was to conduct an audit with the Spokane County CPPs and the GMA to determine whether the City's Comprehensive Plan would require amendments as a part of the 2017 update.  This audit was conducted and presented to the Planning Commission at regular meetings beginning in early 2016.  

Comp Plan Update 2016

Public Participation

To encourage the involvement of citizens in the planning process, the City established a Public Participation Plan, which identified procedures for early and continuous public participation in the development and amendment of the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations implementing the Plan.  The procedures provided for broad dissemination of proposals and alternatives, opportunity for written comments, public meetings after effective notice, provision for open discussion, communication programs, information services, and consideration of and response to public comments. 

Urban Growth Areas

The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) requires counties to designate Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) where urban development will occur.  The City of Cheney is located within a UGA for Spokane County. 


Other long-range planning documents available for review include:

Capital Improvement Program 2012-2017

Capital Facilities Plan 2011-2017

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 498-9240.

"Planning is bringing the future into the present
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