July 25, 2016
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Long-Range Planning

Adopted March 2011, the Cheney Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030 was the result of more than two years of public involvement. 

Specialized topic groups met repeatedly to identify goals and policies, and to prioritize action items for the community. 

An advisory group, representing residents, public schools, the university, retail and manufacturing businesses, and other community groups, reviewed the work. 

At every step along the way, members of the public were invited to participate in the conversation -- and they did.  A final draft was reviewed extensively by the citizen members of the Planning Commission, who forwarded it to City Council with a recommendation for approval.

We believe this plan accurately identifies our unique values as a community, builds on the best characteristics that exist here, and lays out a plan for becoming the community we want to be.

Other long-range planning documents available for review include:

Capital Improvement Program 2012-2017

Capital Facilities Plan 2011-2017

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 498-9240.

"Planning is bringing the future into the present
so you can do something about it now."
--Alan Lakein

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