March 24, 2017
Photo by Carlene Hardt, SilverFox Multimedia.
Photo by Carlene Hardt, SilverFox Multimedia.
Trumpeter swan on the water, Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Greg Munoz.
Photo by Carlene Hardt, SilverFox Multimedia.

Living In Cheney

Welcome to the City of Cheney, Washington.

We are a thriving community with a population of 11,650 and located just 17 miles southwest of Spokane. Our quality of life is unmatched because of a small town atmosphere and family-friendly environment.

Residential life in Cheney can best be described as a family-oriented community based on a grand foundation of education.

Home to Eastern Washington University and Cheney School District #360, the Cheney community is steeped in academics and noted statewide for its high quality K-12 educational system.

Manageable growth and city size

The Cheney community is growing at a healthy pace of approximately 4% annually. The current population of 11,440 allows for a “right-sized” community of comfortable proportions and very low crime, while at the same time providing all the amenities of a “college town” without the large city congestion. On the other hand, for large city access, downtown Spokane and the Spokane International Airport are only 15 minutes away.

Small and business-friendly, economic development looks bright

Considered as a “bedroom community” to Spokane, Cheney has recently been successful in its economic development efforts by attracting clean industry and commercial ventures.

In promoting “smart growth,” the City of Cheney has been able to attract businesses that value friendly communities with strong educational foundations.

The City of Cheney also boasts of a strong public infrastructure that has ample capacity for growth at affordable utility costs. These strong attributes bode well for continued growth on the economic development front.

Recreation and community 

The Cheney community is very fortunate to have many outdoor recreational amenities available close by for a wide variety of recreational interests.

  • Cheney has 40 acres of municipal developed park land which includes an outdoor swimming pool, many playgrounds and picnic areas, as well as athletic fields. 
  • In the immediate surrounding area, there are many lakes and streams for fishing, boating and swimming. 
  • There is a 3.5-mile paved recreational trail immediately adjacent to Cheney for bicyclists, roller blades and walking. 


The residential life opportunities in Cheney are envied by many other communities, and rarely matched. The combination of a quality educational presence, modest in size yet with quick access to a large metropolitan area, affordability, and very safe living conditions all make for a wonderful family-oriented residential lifestyle.

Cheney Government
609 2nd Street
Cheney, WA  99004

Monday-Friday, 8-5

Mayor's Office:  
(509) 498-9200

Utility Accounts:       
(509) 498-9209

Tom Trulove

City Council

Ryan Gaard

Chris Grover

Dan Hilton

Doug Nixon

Teresa Overhauser

John Taves

Jill Weiszmann

Staff Contact:

LaRayne Conley
Executive Assistant